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We are thinking of getting license pates for Volunteer Police.
These plates would help identify members cars during an emergency. Similar distinctive plates are currently available to volunteer firefighters.

I did some research, here are our choices:

1) Try and get bill passed. This is not likely to happen. There is not enough support.
Last time a bill for statewide Auxiliary Police License Plates past both houses, it was vetoed by the Governor. 

2) The State Association can have Custom plates made, then sell them. This will cost $5000.00. We get the money back if we sell all 200 set of plates.  
The NYSAAP License Plates can not be vetoed.

3) If we have 200 orders before we order the plates, we don't have to pay the $5000.00 deposit.

4) You would only have to pay the initial cost of $43. ($18 for making the plate + $25 for the first year) The annual fee would be $25 This is in addition to your regular fees. We could charge more if we want to, but this is the minimum the state will let us charge. Some groups raise money by charging more. 

If you want to send your comments on this or if you would like more info email