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The Nassau County Auxiliary Police Unit 316 serves the communities of Massapequa, North Massapequa & Plainegde. We also work closely with the 7th & 8th Pct. POP units. Our patrol area is from the Seaford boarder on the west, to the Suffolk County boarder on the east, & from Hempstead Tpke. on the north, to Tobay Beach on the south.   We patrol the Sunrise Mall, the Massapequa Rail Road Station, the Massapequa Preserve, Burns Park, Post Park, Tobay Beach, the Massapequa & Plainegde Schools, and many more public places in our patrol area.

The Auxiliary Police:

The Auxiliary Police was established pursuant to provisions of the Civil Defense act of 1951
and is composed of civic-minded residents of the community who work together to improve
the level of safety and security in their community.The presence of the Auxiliary Police, in uniform,
on patrol in marked police units has been proven to reduce vandalism and other crimes in the community.

How do you benefit as an Auxiliary Police Officer?

Members attend and complete a 150 hour / 36 -session basic training course which is taught by state certified instructors at the Nassau County Police Academy. To keep our members updated each member must attend in service training which is conducted when required. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training at the Nassau Police/Fire Academy is available to all members after certain criteria is met.

All graduates of the 150 hour / 36 session course are certified as Peace Officers by the New York State DCJS Office of Public Safety. Although auxiliary police officers may not carry firearms in Nassau County, the are trained and certified to carry a police baton and OC spray.  Any member who is interested in being considered for promotions must attend and complete a supervisors course at the police academy. 


Training includes:

Applicants Must Be
  • A United States citizen
  • A resident of Nassau County
  • Of good moral character
  • Between the ages of eighteen and sixty

Applicants Must Be Willing To
  • Submit to fingerprinting
  • Have their background investigated by the Applicant Investigation Unit of the Nassau County Police
  • Submit to a drug test
  • Submit to a psychological examination
  • Submit to a physical exam conducted by the Nassau County Police Department Surgeons Office
    Applicants Must Also Have
    • No criminal convictions
    • No pending criminal charges
    • A valid New York State driver license
    • A high school diploma or GED


Members with certain disabilities may be eligible to serve in non-patrol duties,
such as the Auxiliary Police Communications Unit. If you have any Questions
about the Auxiliary Police or would like to join the ranks of the dedicated members
serving their community, please call 573-8830.

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