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Executive President- Glenn Kearney

Executive Vice President- Richard A. Dodge
Executive Treasurer- Mark Dorfman
Executive Secretary- Marc Delman
Executive Sgt. at Arms- Seth Gilman
Region 1 President- William Mancusi
Region 2 President- Kevin McGovern
Region 3 President- George Clapp
Region 4 President-
Bruce Melnick
Region 5 President- Nicholas L. Mangino
Region 6 President- Bryan Barish

It is with deep sadness we report the loss of our friend A/Insp Morris Faitelewicz
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NYPD A/PO Roger McCottrie 32nd Pct. September 11, 1973  
NYPD A/Sgt David Freed Central Park Pct. August 31, 1975 More Info
Larchmont PD A/LT Nicholas Galasso Larchmont January 26, 1988 More Info
NYPD A/Sgt Noel Faide Highway 1 Pct. January 29, 1989 More Info
NYPD A/Sgt Larry L. Cohen Highway District January 29, 1989 More Info
NYPD A/PO Armando Rosario 46th Pct. March 25, 1992 More Info
NYPD A/PO Milton Clarke 52nd Pct. December 1, 1993 More Info
NYPD A/PO Nicholas Pekearo 6th Pct. March 14, 2007 More Info
NYPD A/PO Eugene Marshalik 6th Pct. March 14, 2007 More Info

The New York State Association of Auxiliary Police
Was deeply sadden by the loss of so many of our friends
as a result of the 9/11 attack on America
You Will All Be Missed, But Never Forgoten !

Sept. 11




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